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Rescue this Sweet Kitty Cat!

My friend is working actively to try to find a home for a lovely abandoned kitty-cat. He's de-clawed on the front, very affectionate, and adorable!

Please take a look at his journal for info and photos, and pass it on to anyone else you think might be interested.

A few weeks ago, Miss Aims asked if anyone wanted to go see this musical. Cinderella with Motown songs sounded interesting, so I said yes, even though I was aware it could have been horrible.

What I didn't know about it, is that it was put on by the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, and all the actors and singers and KIDS! Kids! From ages 7-18.

Needless to say, it was pretty much the most awesome thing of all awesome things. The last show is this Sunday - and it's running tonight and tomorrow. GO. SEE. IT!

Trust me. You haven't lived until you've seen a group of kids singing and dancing to Motown. I've had ABC stuck in my head all day. ;)

Get tickets here!



I've never solicted for anything before, but a team of coworkers (including me, duh) are doing that "Beat the Bridge" walk to raise money for Diabetes on Sunday, May 20th. So yeah, I'm getting up at 8am and walking 4 miles and giving them some $$.

You can sign up or give money too, if you want.

And if you don't want, no worries! :)

Bad Baby Pie

Several years ago, I read something about how great a little film called Trust was, and hurried out to my video store to rent it. I immediately fell in love with director Hal Hartley, actor Martin Donovan, and the lead actress, Adrienne Shelly. I started renting every movie I could find with her in it from then on, because I thought she was a fantasic actress, and over the years she became an Indie Queen (even if she wasn't getting as high a profile as Parker Posey) - every time I saw her on screen in anything, no matter how bad the film was, she made me happy.

I had only seen one of the 2 feature-length films she directed; Sudden Manhattan, which unfortunately was not that good. But last year, she was working on a new movie, Waitress, which sounded like it might be promising. Sadly, right before the film was completed (with mostly editing left), Shelly was murdered. Even though I didn't know her personally, of course, it still hit me pretty hard.

So, long story short (too late!), last night Carl had a pass to go see Waitress, so we did, and it was great. And I loved it. And I wrote a review about it. And you should ALL go see it when it comes out, especially all my lady friends (FYI: Carl loved it too!).

Also, after watching it, I want to learn how to make differnt kinds of pies. Cos, wow. Those pies looked like they would taste super-good.


Kitties Need Home

This is from emmrldize:

Ok everyone, please help out these sweet adorable kitties. These sisters have been living at my work for their ENTIRE lives.... almost a year. They came to us as semi-feral kittens and are now a year old. They have been living in a 2'x4' kennel the ENTIRE time.... please help. They have never run around a living room or zoomed up a cat post, not to mention ever spying birds out the window. It breaks our hearts. They need to be adopted out together. They love each other like no other cats I have ever seen. They have never lived in anything but a kennel, so they will be shy and scared in a big home at first, but they really are the sweetest kitties EVER. They are playful, affectionate and just want to please.

Please forward this info on to anyone you know who might be interested. They MUST be indoor only, no declawing, and they would do great with other kitties, and don't seem to mind dogs. Small children in the household might be too much for them to deal with, but older kids would be fine. They will just need some extra attention and quiet time to deal with the transition into a new home. They are spayed and up to date on all vaccines. Adoption fee is $75 to cover those basic costs. We've paid much more in food alone to keep them, and they've paid us back tenfold in love. :)

Their names are Panda and Possum. Panda is the black and white one. She's kind of a fatty, but loves a belly rub and is about as mellow and sweet as they come. Purring as soon as you walk up to the kennel. Possum is a grey and white sassy lady who likes to chat now and then and is always up for a game of Chase The Fly and is most likely to be found with her tongue deep in Panda's ear.... Let's just say that Panda has the CLEANEST ears ever! She's quite the mothering type. So freakin' cute. They would be lost without each other.

Please, I beg you, if you know anyone who would be an excellent parent to these ladies, pass on this info. They are such sweethearts. They deserve to run around and have a real home.

Here's the link to the pics. They are even cuter in person. Please PLEASE let me know if anyone wants to come visit them.


Thank god for small distractions.

Like a co-worker bringing in Premiere magazine so I can gaze at Jake Gyllenhaal's adorable huge eyes and adorable huge arms and the cutest photo him ever.

le sigh
le mew mew
It is a sticky thing, because yes, essentially we are "taking away people's rights". And I surely wouldn't like it if I were a smoker, or if they were trying to take away my right to drink Stoli in a bar. And the law we've passed is REALLY extreme, to be sure.

However, it is absolutely true that smokers cause non-smokers health problems, even though I'm sure they don't want to/mean to. And for that, I think it’s a good thing.

Selfishly, this law will make it much easier for me to go to live shows, to go drinking, dancing, etc. and not have to worry about taking an emergency toke on my inhaler or getting a closed-up throat and itchy eyes, or coughing up a lung, etc. And coming home from a night out not having my clothes and hair reek of smoke? Excellent.

That said: I apologize to all my smoking friends. I definitely think you have rights too, and I understand your right to be pissed off. I don’t want you to have to trek 25 feet away from the building, outside in the cold, to have a smoke -- especially when we're all out together having a good time. My fondest wish is that you would just quit, but I know that’s easier said than done.

So, I’m half for/half against it. I wish it hadn’t passed so extremely, and that outside areas were still designated as okay, or that they could somehow make the smoking/non-smoking sections work out without the smoke drifting over to the non-smoking people.

But alas. Changes! What can you do?

Oh, crap.

How did I NOT know there's now a Lush store in Bell Square?

And today was payday. I am so doomed. Doomed, doomed, doomy doomy doom.

I'm hoping for Almost Famous, and not Vanilla Sky - but I'm trying to go into it open-minded, lest it does suck. However, Crowe owes us another good film, like now (please to remember the Burton Planet of the Apes fiasco, redeemed in total by Big Fish).

Little Black Raincloud, still hovering.

Note to self: You are going to regret those jalapenos later, but not as much as you are going to regret the mexi-fries.

stupid comfort food.